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Mission, Vision & Values

MMAC is an organization that supports midlife women by encouraging acceptance and kindness toward one another and toward self as we grow and find joy in the adventure of our midlife years.

MMAC is redefining midlife by creating a community of women over 40 who are planning their next chapter, and feel empowered to embrace the adventure calling to them that will carry them into their golden year.

Acceptance: We accept one another and we accept the place in life that we have right now, finding joy in the presence with ourselves and one another.

We promote equality, diversity, and accessibility with acts of kindness in our community, striving to create a space that encourages kindness to one other and to ourselves.

Adventure: Whether learning something new or immersing ourselves in the activities we enjoy, Midlife Mom Adventure Club encourages adventure. We strive to create a space in which members can learn something new and share their passions without the fear of judgment or shame.

Joy/Fun/Play: We believe that our experiences should bring us joy and involve an element of play. MMAC strives to create opportunities for midlife women to rediscover what bring them this joy in life, invites them to engage in play, and reconnect them to their dreams and gives them the tools and opportunities to do so.

Authenticity: Midlife can be an exciting time of living your authentic life, and MMAC encourages members to "let it all hang out" and bring their own sense of authentic self and expression without fear or shame.

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