The Moment You Change

We all have it, and some of us have it multiple times in our lives. That moment when we say that we’ve had enough. Enough of living the way we are and wearing our current mask. That moment when you’re tired and beaten down and just can’t stand the person you’ve become. I’m there now. …

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Intuition. It’s something that I’ve relied on to guide me for most of my life – especially my early adult life when I was choosing a career, a partner, and those other giant decisions that rule our lives as young adults. For the most part my gut has served me well, but I never really …

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The Fountain of Youth

So here we are. In our 40s and 50s, maybe our 60s. Things aren’t working like they used to. You’ve cut the calories and logged the hours on the treadmill, and the scale isn’t budging. In fact despite your best efforts you middle is a little more padded lately.

In the mornings you wake up, roll over and there is it – a twinge in the back and a stiffness to the feet. You didn’t do anything to injure it, and yet you feel it nonetheless.

Our mom’s warned us for puberty, but what about the anti-puberty? Yes ladies, perimenopause is upon us and it’s wreaking havoc on our physical bodies and our sanity. But is this the end of our youth and livelihood? Of course not.

Why I’m Looking Forward to Midlife

Midlife. I’m still not sure why this is such a taboo word among women, but I think it’s because of the attachment to “crisis”. I think there are many of us that fear midlife because we think that it is the end, but really it’s the downhill. And by downhill I mean that we’ve done …

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