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I was 37 when I had my first child, and 39 when I had my second. Up until then, my life had been pretty good…

I was training as a Masters rower and finally felt like I was hitting my groove as an athlete. I had a job I loved, and a community at work who were supportive. I felt good in my body and confident about myself. I had worked hard from the age of 20 to set up this life, and then everything changed.

The Transition

Life with a baby meant the only early morning training I was doing was practicing how to breastfeed my kids at all hours of the night. Eventually, the demands of motherhood and my unhappiness at work led to me making the decision to stay home. I lost my identity as a teacher and healer, my community, and had no idea who I had become. I assumed the title of "Mom", but I felt like I was so much more.

To make things worse…

I discovered that I had a pelvic organ prolapse after my daughter was born in 2013. At the time, there was little information out there regarding recovery, and almost no support for the mental depression that comes with that diagnosis. Now the loss of my identity was complete. I was a broken woman whose body had failed her. I was told I would never again participate in the activities that kept me sane - the rowing, the lifting, the hiking, the running. Even lifting and carrying my kids was cautioned. I slipped into a cave of my own creation away from the life I felt that I could no longer engage in. While I hid, I started to realize that everyone was wrong. I was not broken and I could be fixed. I had worked with thousands of athletes as a certified athletic trainer, bringing them from broken tissues and despair and returning them to play. I could do the same for myself.

The turn-around

I started learning more about women's health, specifically pelvic floor and core dysfunction. I started studying both the physical and emotional aspects of healing and how a woman's body and fluctuating hormones make this process a heck of a lot different from what the textbooks describe. And of course, there is our need to support our kids and family. They come first, which often makes the time we devote to our own healing and self-care play second fiddle to anyone else. I started working with women who had just had babies and helping them heal and return to their own play. And I started working on myself - recovering my own core function and returning to running, climbing, and weightlifting. I was beginning to see a flicker of the woman who I used to be.

The Middle Age Kicker

The great thing about waiting until your late 30s and 40s to have kids is that you get to observe a lot of life before you're given one to raise. At some point, I realized that my recovery from motherhood wasn't the same as the younger moms I had started making friends with. I was tired. Exhausted, really. Despite everything I knew about health and fitness, my body wasn't physically recovering as I had expected, and despite my best efforts, it seemed to be getting bigger. I was at a conference focusing on female athletes through the lifespan when it hit me - I'm smack in the middle of perimenopause and I have been for years. When we hit about 35, our hormones begin to shift and change. The dieting and fitness programs that we used in our 20s and 30s no longer work as well as they did before. As we reach middle age, I learned that we have to start focusing on moving and fueling our bodies for hormone balance. And if we want to continue to move well and pain-free into our Golden Years, then we have to add in practices that prevent injury. It all started clicking.

It also dawned on me that about the time we reach 40, we start reflecting on our lives and realize that we are not living it authentically and projecting our true selves. Often we have been in survival mode, and on a path of self-discovery. At 40 we often have realized who we really are, but think that it's too late to bring back some of those forgotten aspects of ourselves. But it's not. And that's what Midlife Moms Adventure Club is all about.

What is Midlife Moms Adventure Club?

I created Midlife Moms Adventure Club to be a space where women could reconnect with their true identities and bring back the active woman that screaming to come out. It's a place to explore new and old activities and find other women who have similar interests.

It's a platform to give you the tools that help life this season of life to it's fullest, with simple solutions to health and wellness that easily fit into your day so you can spend the rest of it doing what you love to do.

It's a space to help you move, heal, and play, both physically and emotionally. Through movement and recipes that support our fluctuating hormones and energize instead of depleting us. Recovery and Restorative Programs to support our muscles and joints, and relieve our stress and anxiety. Inspiration that helps us reclaim an active life of adventure and instill the self-confidence that we once had. And a community of other women to both support us and join us in your play.

How can Midlife Moms Adventure Club help you?

You've grown up now. You've made mistakes and you know the life that you want to live and you're leaving time in dust and reclaiming an active life for years to come. Midlife Moms Adventure Club will help you realize all of the goals you've collected over the first half of your life, to ensure you're living the second half to it's fullest.

Welcome to the club! I can't wait for you to get started.

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