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Old Habits Die Hard

I have a confession – I hate eating most days. I find that I often have no desire to eat and the process of thinking about what I’m going to eat exhausting. If you know me or have seen me recently, you might be saying, “how can that be, Beth? You have a bit of a tummy on you – wouldn’t think that would be the case for someone who hates to eat.” And there lies the rub. The bane of my existence right not is my belly. I’m all about body positivity and self-love, and I do not hold others’ body shapes against them. But I do have a problem with loving my own shape and those roots grow deep. I’ve tried over the years to have that perfect but I usually end up sabotaging my efforts along the way. One of these methods of self-sabotage that I prefer is the binge.

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Is the daily grind tying your body in knots? Try this 18-minute movement practice to offset the tension of your work day, and keep you moving for the play you actually want to do.

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